2020 Census – Be Counted!

Why participate?

  • We’ll give you 675 billion reasons! If you suffered damages from the flooding rains this year, you need to be counted!  If you drive on roads or over bridges that need to be repaired, you need to be counted!  If you send kids to school or subsidized daycare, if you use free lunches at school, if you go to the senior center or use our playgrounds, you need to be counted!  There’s approximately $675 billion in small business loans, federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities distributed annually; all based upon Decennial Census counts. This money is spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs and infrastructure.  This money will end up in someone’s community.  Do all you can to make your claim so we can have those dollars – OUR DOLLARS – end up here in District Township!
  • It’s CONFIDENTIAL!!  Even those who are not US Citizens need to be counted to ensure proper allocation of these funds.  With all applicable laws and privacy policies nobody should fear completing the census.  Under Title 13 of the U.S. Code, the Census Bureau cannot release any identifiable information about individuals, households or businesses, even to law enforcement agencies!  The information collected can be used for statistical purposes only.  Additionally, all Census Bureau staff take a lifetime oath to protect your personal information and any violations comes with a penalty of up to $250,000.00 and/or up to 5 years in prison.  Learn more about the Census Bureau’s data protection and privacy program at www.census.gov/privacy.
  • It’s your civil duty and completing the census is mandatory!  Respond next year, or Census Enumerators will come knocking! If a response is not received for your address by the end of April 2020, you will likely see a Census Bureau worker knocking at your door!  Do your part and BE COUNTED!

Phone: 610-845-7595
Fax: 610-845-7595

Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency, dial 911.

PA State Police  610-378-4011
Eastern Berks Fire Department  610-845-2877(non-emergency)
Seisholtzville Fire  610-845-2102(non-emergency)
Bally Community Ambulance Association  610-845-2501(non-emergency)
Topton American Legion Community Ambulance Service 610-682-4333(non-emergency)